Posted by: lanceandjenn | June 10, 2008

The Search

We are currently in search for a new position at our church.   We have a minstrel/minister of music but now we are looking for someone to be a worship leader for new service.  The tough part is finding that person.  Living in Farmington, NM is awesome with all of the opportunities for outdoor adventure and lack of traffic.  The big downside is that most people here are not in training to become worship leaders.  We are getting ready to make some connections with some schools that are training these people.  Didn’t know if you had any references. 

In the past I had a job as a headhunter/recruiter.  I personally prefer the term headhunter because it makes me think of running through the jungle.  Anyways, it is amazing that a job like that can have an impact on ones ministry.  What odd jobs have impacted your ministry?  This is my guru from which I learned how to be a head hunter (hahaha)


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